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2017 Graduate Profiles

Profile image of Rosemarie AlejandrinoProfile image of Rosemarie Alejandrino

Rosemarie Alejandrino

Rosemarie Alejandrino : - Breaking Free: The Cultural Impact of the 21st Century On-screen American Musical (Class of 2017)
Profile image of Hunter CobleighProfile image of Hunter Cobleigh

Hunter Cobleigh

Hunter Cobleigh : - Luke Cage Power Man Activist for Hire #1: A New Universe (Class of 2017)
Profile image of Miesha GarnettProfile image of Miesha Garnett

Miesha Garnett

Miesha Garnett : - The Vampire Huntress: A Lens into Black Female Identity Formation (Class of 2017)
Profile image of Robert GibbonsProfile image of Robert Gibbons

Robert Gibbons

Robert Gibbons : - The Presidio from Post to Park: Two Hundred Years of Transition (Class of 2017)
Profile image of Allison IveyProfile image of Allison Ivey

Allison Ivey

Allison Ivey : - The Children of California Shall Be Our Children: The Life of Leland Stanford, Junior and the Birth of Silicon Valley (Class of 2017)
Profile image of Sally LittlefieldProfile image of Sally Littlefield

Sally Littlefield

Sally Littlefield : - Women's Sexual Liberation Comes of Age: Portrayals of Teen Female Sexuality in 1990s Popular Culture (Class of 2017)
Profile image of Miriam PeralesProfile image of Miriam Perales

Miriam Perales

Miriam Perales : - Have Women Healers Disappeared? : From Traditional Healing to Modern White Male Medicine (Class of 2017)

Madelaine Spiering

From Theory to Possible Repeal: What the Affordable Care Act Means for Americans
Profile image of Kristen WilsonProfile image of Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson : - The Slippery Slope: Paranoia and Alternative Morality in American Childrens Literature at the Turn of the Millennium (Class of 2017)