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2019 Graduate Profiles

Profile image of Tanvi AgrawalProfile image of Tanvi Agrawal

Tanvi Agrawal

Beyond Human: Augmented Reality Technology and the Making of Human 2.0
Profile image of Emma  BiancoProfile image of Emma  Bianco

Emma Bianco

“A Subversive Monstrosity:” The Right Wing’s Struggle with History Education in Orange County, California, 1965-1970
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Tyana Cullen

Visual Aid or Visual Distraction?: Multimodality and Classroom Theming as Methods of Immersion
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August Jay

How Dr. Seuss Became White: The Hegemony of Whiteness against the Ethnic Other Found in Political Cartooning on the U.S. Homefront
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Rachel Kovinky

From Potato Patches to Community Collectives: The Roots of Revitalization in Detroit
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Sarah Sexton

Radicalizing The Mainstream: An Analysis of Boots Riley's Film Sorry To Bother You through the lens of Oakland Social Movements from 2009 to 2018
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Elsie Wiley

Homelessness in Oakland, California, 2015 to Early 2019