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Cleavon Gilman

Cleavon Gilman : - "William Nelson Colson: The Effects of Northernization and Francization on Southern Negroes in the Pursuit of Unequivocal Equality (1915-1922)" (Class of 2009)
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Jessica Gresham

Jessica Gresham : - "The Female Shape of Jazz" (Class of 2009)
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Adrienne Johnson

Talking with Their Mouths Full: Competitive Eating and the Cultural Meaning of American Bodies
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Everardo Mora

Everardo Mora : - "Life behind the 'Shield:' Cannery Culture and the 'Farandula' at Del Monte Plant 3" (Class of 2009)
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Folasade Scott

Folasade Scott : - "The Pedagogy of Motivation Part 1: Motivating African-American Disadvantaged Adults Learning Basic Skills through Relationship and Relevance" (Class of 2009)