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Daniel Acree

Daniel Acree : - "Cinematic American Tough: Evolution Of Inclusion From The Cold War To The Millennial Era" (Class of 2016)
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MG Bertrand

Children of the Vines: Language and Power in the Napa Valley’s Dual Immersion Schools
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Alec Kassin

Alec Kassin : - "Caught Stealing: The Major League Baseball Players Association A Union for the Few at the Expense of the Many" (Class of 2016)
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Sha Quasha Morgan

Sha Quasha Morgan : - "I Can Do Bad All by Myself: Stigma of Mental Illness, Power, Pedagogy, Black Masculinity and America's Healthcare System" (Class of 2016)
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Kelly Naze

Kelly Naze : - Amusing Some of the Million at Muse Mcanique: The Unpromising Fate of Penny-Arcade Museums in the 21st Century (Class of 2016)
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Vanessa Padilla

Vanessa Padilla : - "A Tale of Two Cities: Richmond, California and Flint, Michigan" (Class of 2016)