American Studies

Understanding “American culture” as the interplay of material practices and the realm of ideas

The Undergraduate degree program in American Studies considers technology, economy, urbanism, and ecology, as well as literature, the arts, and political and geographic history. American Studies takes a particular interest in cultural hybridity, cultural layering, and in American culture exported abroad.

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The Student Academic Advisor’s job is to guide students and faculty as they navigate University, College, and Major Program policies. Laura is an experienced advisor who is available to serve as a sounding board for ideas and concerns as they arise.

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New book by Beth Piatote: The Beadworkers – Stories

In her debut short story collection, Beth Piatote (American Studies and Ethnic Studies) explores Native American life in the modern world. The stories find unifying themes in the strength of kinship, the pulse of longing, ...

New book by Andrew Shanken: The Everyday Life of Memorials

Analyzing their relationship to the pulses of daily life, professor of Architecture and Director of American Studies, Andrew M. Shanken investigates the fixture of memorials within modern cities in his latest book "The Everyday Life of Memorials." ...

Spotlight on American Studies Graduates

Profile image of Elsie WileyProfile image of Elsie Wiley

Elsie Wiley

Homelessness in Oakland, California, 2015 to Early 2019
Profile image of Roya ChagnonProfile image of Roya Chagnon

Roya Chagnon

Cartography of Fear: Environmental Design and Women’s Emotional Geographies
Profile image of Rachel KovinkyProfile image of Rachel Kovinky

Rachel Kovinky

From Potato Patches to Community Collectives: The Roots of Revitalization in Detroit
Profile image of Allison IveyProfile image of Allison Ivey

Allison Ivey

Allison Ivey : - The Children of California Shall Be Our Children: The Life of Leland Stanford, Junior and the Birth of Silicon Valley (Class of 2017)

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