American Studies

Understanding “American culture” as the interplay of material practices and the realm of ideas

The Undergraduate degree program in American Studies considers technology, economy, urbanism, and ecology, as well as literature, the arts, and political and geographic history. American Studies takes a particular interest in cultural hybridity, cultural layering, and in American culture exported abroad.

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Student Academic Advising

The Student Academic Advisor’s job is to guide students and faculty as they navigate University, College, and Major Program policies. Laura is an experienced advisor who is available to serve as a sounding board for ideas and concerns as they arise.

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Spotlight on American Studies Graduates

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Daniel Acree

Daniel Acree : - "Cinematic American Tough: Evolution Of Inclusion From The Cold War To The Millennial Era" (Class of 2016)
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Shabnam Banerjee-McFarland

Shabnam Banerjee-McFarland : - Racial Formations In New York Fashion Week under the Obama Era (Class of 2014)
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Adrienne Johnson

Talking with Their Mouths Full: Competitive Eating and the Cultural Meaning of American Bodies

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