Affiliated Faculty

Charles L. Briggs
Social/cultural anthropology, especially linguistic and medical anthropology; narrative; media and mediatization; folklore and performance; racialization; violence

Mark Brilliant
History, American Studies
20th Century U.S., Political Economy; Civil Rights; Education; Law; The West

Michael M. Cohen
African American Studies, American Studies,
US Cultural History from the Civil War to the Present; Work and Labor History; World War II; Race, class and American popular culture; Cultural Studies and Marxist Theory; Drugs and Alcohol in US History

Raul Coronado
Ethnic Studies
Histories of sexuality & of the academic disciplines; Latina/o intellectual & literary history; The comparative history of writing in the colonial and 19th century Americas; Theories of modernity & postcolonialism

Alexander Craghead
American Studies
Histories of technology, representation and landscape including photography and simulation; Histories of urban policy, land use, and transportation; North American cultural geography

Margaret Crawford
History of architecture, urban design and planning; Urban history and theory; U.S. built environment; Urbanism in China

Kathleen Donegan
Atlantic, Caribbean, Early American, and Native American Literatures

Chiyuma Elliott
African American Studies
Poetry and poetics; African American literature; Intellectual history from the 1920s to the present; Black Geography/Cultural Geography

Peter Glazer
Directing; Adaptation; Performance Theory; 20th Century American Theater; Commemorative Performance

Sarah Gold McBride
American Studies
Social and cultural history of the 19th-century United States

Marcial Gonzalez
20th- and 21st-Century American Literature; Chicanx and/or Latinx Literature; Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Narrative & the Novel

Dorothy J. Hale
Critical Theory; Narrative & the Novel, 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature; 20th- and 21st-Century British Literature; 19th-Century American Literature

David Henkin
19th century; Urban history; Cultural history

Shari Huhndorf
Ethnic Studies
Cultural studies; Gender studies; Interdisciplinary Native American studies; Literary and visual culture

Richard Hutson 
English (emeritus)
American literature and culture (popular culture, history, film) from the Civil War to the Great Depression; the American realist novel

Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers
Gender and American slavery; Colonial and 19th century legal and economic history; Women, systems of bondage, and the slave trade

Jake Kosek
Cultural politics of nature and difference; Cultural geography, science and technology studies; Critical race theory; Critical cartography; Biopolitics; human and the non-human; Environmental politics

Lauren Kroiz
History of Art
20th Century American Art

Margaretta Lovell
History of Art
American Art and Architecture

Waldo E. Martin
Race and citizenship; 20th century U.S. history

Joe R. McBride 
Environmental Science and Policy Management, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (emeritus)
Vegetation and ecological analysis; urban forestry; historic landscape restoration

Donald McQuade 
English (emeritus)
19th-century American literature and culture; Theory and practice of non-fiction; Literature and popular culture; The American Renaissance; Advertising, The essay form

Kathleen Moran 
American Studies (emerita)
Consumerism and advertising; Themescapes; Disneyland; Los Angeles and Southern California

Louise Mozingo
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
Urban design and planning Design history; Social and cultural factors in landscape design

Samuel Otter
Early American, 19th-Century American, and African American Literatures

Genaro Padilla
20th- and 21st-Century American Literature; Chicanx and/or Latinx Literature; Cultural Studies

Christine Palmer
American Studies
Race, visual culture, literature, and cultural memory in 20th-century popular and mass culture

Beth Piatote
Native American Studies
American literature and cultural studies; Native American literature; Native American/Aboriginal literature and federal Indian law in the United States and Canada; Ni:mi:pu: (Nez Perce) language and literature

Leigh Raiford
African American Studies
Race, gender, justice and visuality

T. Carlis Roberts
Connections between sound and social identities, centering on marginalized histories of popular and folk music in the Americas

Juana Maria Rodriguez
Ethnic Studies
Critical legal theory; Latinx media and popular culture; LGBTQ activisms; Racialized gender and sexuality

Christine M. Rosen
Haas School of Business
Sustainability; Business history and the environment; American environmental history

Caitlin C. Rosenthal
18th and 19th century U.S. history; Development of management practices, especially those based on data analysis

Alex Saragoza
Ethnic Studies
Immigration to the USA (especially from Mexico and Cuba); Historical interface between processes of racialization and inequity in Latin America

Scott Saul
Cultural Studies; Drama; 20th- and 21st-Century American and African American Literatures

Susan Schweik
19th- 20th- and 21st-Century American Literatures; Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Disability Studies; Poetry

Andrew Shanken
Architecture, American Studies
Architecture and consumer culture; Memory and the built environment; Historiography; Paper architecture and the unbuilt; Fairs and expositions; Themed landscapes; History of heritage and conservation planning; Architectural keywords

Katherine Snyder
British and American modernist narratives in relation to the history of masculinity; Contemporary fiction; Post-apocalyptic, post-traumatic, and post-9/11 novels

Shannon Steen
Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, American Studies
Critical Race and Performance Theory; U.S. Histories of Popular Performance; U.S. Urban Development; Globalization Studies

Elisa Tamarkin
American literature; 18th- and 19th-century intellectual history, philosophy, and painting.

Bryan Wagner
African American expression in the context of slavery and its aftermath; Legal history; Vernacular culture

Hertha D. Sweet Wong
Autobiography; Native American literatures; Ethnic American literatures; Visual studies