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Oddyard, interdisciplinary student journal, published with support from American Studies

Oddyard, an interdisciplinary student journal, has published its third issue, “Third Places,” with support from the Interdisciplinary Program in American Studies. Founded by undergraduate students in several disciplines and schools on campus, Oddyard focuses on the interaction between art and the city. “Third Places” examines the titular concept, coined by

American Studies Major Brittany Postle Wins 2024 Haas Scholarship

Brittany is a junior with a concentration in Disability and Human Rights in America. Her Haas project is called “William O. Douglas and Fight for Pristine Wilderness in a Damaged World: How Ableism in the Supreme Court Shaped Our Ideas of Nature,” and her research questions are (to quote her

Image of Sarah Gold McBride

We are proud to announce that Sarah Gold McBride has won the 2023 American Cultures Excellence in Teaching Award!

This coveted prize recognizes “inspiring and sustained commitment” to address the “multivocality of America’s diverse social fabric; the scales of geographic assemblage that support political and economic ways of being; the often contested nature of the political nation; the intersectional vectors that operate through everyday life.” It rewards “great creativity,