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2013 Graduate Profiles

Profile image of Theresa BergerProfile image of Theresa Berger

Theresa Berger

I Love Ethel: Friendship and I Love Lucy in the Postwar Period and Today
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Patricia Boone

Modern Day Prostitution and the Systematic Subjugation of the Black Female Body and Spirit
Profile image of Robert CancioProfile image of Robert Cancio

Robert Cancio

Robert Cancio : - "Migration Los Angeles: The Story of a Cultural Landscape" (Class of 2013)
Profile image of Jen KimProfile image of Jen Kim

Jen Kim

Jen Kim : - "The Right to Oakland: The Power, Politics, and Planning Behind Jerry Browns 10k Plan" (Class of 2013)
Profile image of Dani NamethProfile image of Dani Nameth

Dani Nameth

Dani Nameth : - "You Are What You Eat: Finding the Link Between Medicine, Health and the Organic Food Movement" (Class of 2013)
Profile image of Jennifer SchaeferProfile image of Jennifer Schaefer

Jennifer Schaefer

Jennifer Schaefer : - "Training for Success: An Educational Experience" (Class of 2013)
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Robyn Taylor

Whitman and Linyekula Share Multitudes: Dancing the Space of Names
Profile image of Eli WirtschafterProfile image of Eli Wirtschafter

Eli Wirtschafter

Eli Wirtschafter : - "Street Theater at Astor Place: Performance on the Nineteenth Century Public Stage" (Class of 2013)