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2022 Graduate Profiles

Image of Tevel PeleImage of Tevel Pele

Tevel Pele

The People’s Poetry and Social Movements: Lessons from American Poets, Organizers and Non-profit Leaders in Twenty-first Century Movement-Building
Image of Harley RaderImage of Harley Rader

Harley Rader

Muscular Christianity: How a Turn-of-the-Century Religious Revival Explains the Rise of Donald J. Trump
Image of Claire RiderImage of Claire Rider

Claire Rider

Community Gardens in Berkeley and Albany, CA; The Sociopolitical Benefits that Maintain Community Spaces in Affluent Neighborhoods
Image of Dewi ZarniImage of Dewi Zarni

Dewi Zarni

A Wave of Racial Violence: A Case Study on The Role of Crime Narratives in Oakland Chinatown