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2020 Graduate Profiles

Profile image of Andrew GarciaProfile image of Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia

A White Man’s Game: Inside the Fight to Save Baseball’s Lost Black Souls
Profile image of Jessie McConvilleProfile image of Jessie McConville

Jessie McConville

Corporate Nostalgia and Futurism: Reinforcing Gendered Design of Technology in Disney’s Corporate Showcase
Profile image of Lauren RoperProfile image of Lauren Roper

Lauren Roper

No Rhythm, No Blues: New Age Blackface and the Digital Minstrel Show Stage
Profile image of Dmitry SchultzProfile image of Dmitry Schultz

Dmitry Schultz

Police Unions and Facial Recognition Prohibitions: Examination of Police Reform Challenges in the Wake of George Floyd’s Death
Profile image of Jose Solorzano ZavalaProfile image of Jose Solorzano Zavala

Jose Solorzano Zavala

Tech versus Toys: Analyzing the Effects of Technology on American Consumer Behavior through the 2018 Bankruptcy Case of Toys “R” Us