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2023 Graduate Profiles

Image of Oona FitzpatrickImage of Oona Fitzpatrick

Oona Fitzpatrick

Rhizomes of Resistance: The Indigenous Reclamation of Alcatraz and Moms 4 Housing as Sites of Commoning
Image of Emma GersonImage of Emma Gerson

Emma Pearl Gerson

Click Here to Find God: Incels, Internet Individualism, and American Intimacy
Image of Ava Eleanor OlsonImage of Ava Eleanor Olson

Ava Eleanor Olson

An American Happy Ending: Sex, Sickness, and Sin During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Image of Olivia M. TaiImage of Olivia M. Tai

Olivia M. Tai

The ‘Poverty Aesthetic’ as Pseudo-Counterculturalism: A Sociological Analysis of Advanced Capitalism in the Postmodern Era