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Folasade Scott - The Mind, the Arts, and Education in America

Since 2009 Folasade has been privileged to enrich peoples lives as a minister, teacher, counselor, and mentor, serving in various parts of the US, as well as Jamaica and Haiti; she has also remotely served people in other countries such as Qatar, Pakistan, Kenya, and Canada. Folasade specializes in restoration and development of the whole person; authentic identity expression; basic and academic life skills development; global community awareness and service; sustainability; and creative expression. She also serves as a consultant and collaborator with organizations and individuals who desire to enrich peoples lives holistically. These services are expressed through two business entities that Folasade founded and directs: a non-profit corporation called Violent Faith Ministries International Inc. and a for-profit business called Redeeming the Time. Folasade is currently completing a Master’s program at Winston-Salem State University called Teaching English as a Second Language and Applied Linguistics; she plans to pursue a PhD in Educational Psychology at Georgia State University.

Area of Concentration Courses

American Studies C174: Visual Autobiography
Sociology 150: Social Psychology
Psychology 150: Psychology of Personality
Education 197: Field Studies in Education
African American Studies 159: Special Topics in African American LiteratureMusic 128S: Contemporary Improvisational Music


Folasade Scott : - "The Pedagogy of Motivation Part 1: Motivating African-American Disadvantaged Adults Learning Basic Skills through Relationship and Relevance" (Class of 2009)

“The Pedagogy of Motivation Part 1” is about the benefits of utilizing relevant means and relational connection to motivate disadvantaged African-American learners of basic skills, many of whom came from troubled backgrounds, such as a broken home, abuse and neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, incarceration, etc. Many were not even encouraged much for success in school, let alone life. While the focus is on disadvantaged African-American adults, Folasade Scotts thesis is meant to provoke thought and consideration with regard to teaching anyone. Folasade emphasizes the need to view students as people firstvaluable, multifaceted human beings with interests, culture(s), personalities, learning styles, skills, experiences, etc.and to create and maintain an environment that is community-centered, restorative, and engages all these integral parts of them. In her thesis Folasade asserts that unconditional love and care must be the “basic skills” modeled through educators and cultivated within the classroom which, as a result, will produce favorable responses and encourage positive character outcomes, no matter how wounded a person is. “The Pedagogy of Motivation Part 2” is in progress, and will focus on the application of principles from “Part 1.”

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