Profile of Graduates

Class of 2017

Sally Littlefield : - Twentieth Century American Culture

Sally Littlefield currently works for the Public Education Campaigns and Programs team at Futures Without Violence, a San Francisco-based national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending violence against women and children. Sally thanks her American Studies background for giving her the ability to understand the very real role culture plays in shaping our society. This knowledge has proven invaluable in her work developing public awareness campaigns that aim to break cultural norms that disempower women.

Miriam Perales : - Healthcare in the U.S.

During her last semester before graduating, Miriam Perales studied health seeking behaviors in the small community of Mae Sot, which lies at the border between Thailand and Myanmar. This experience coupled with her senior thesis research on curanderismo confirmed her decision to pursue a career in medicine to work specifically with communities of color that lack sufficient health services. Miriam is currently employed as a medical technician at Eye Physicians of the East Bay where she interacts with patients, works alongside optometrists and opthamalogists, and learns about  ocular health complications and diseases.  She is also applying to post-baccalaureate-pre-med programs with the ultimate plan of serving her community as a doctora.

Kristen Wilson : - Immigration and the Cultural Geography of the U.S.

After graduating with Highest Honors from the American Studies and English programs in May 2017, Kristen Wilson, the Departmental Citation recipient for 2017, spent the summer traveling to console herself on the end of her undergraduate career.  She plans to apply to graduate programs in American Studies and History in order to subject herself to at least another half decade of research, writing, and revision, with an eye towards a lifetime of such labor.  Her ultimate ambition is to encourage similar dedication to and fulfillment through careful research, critical thought, and concise writing in the students she manages to trick into enjoying their academic pursuits.

Class of 2016

Daniel Acree : - Gender and American Popular Culture

As a graduating Student Veteran still attached to the U.S. Army Reserves, Staff Sergeant Acree continues his personal mission to provide his comrades, as well as all others, with improved life chances by advocating for higher education. Daniel is pursuing a single-subject teaching credential with a Master’s in Education at the University of California, Davis. He would like to be a lifelong thinker, joker, educator, and organizer. Daniel and his partner, Alayna Fredricks, enjoy their happy little life and home in sunny wherever-the-road-leads, California.

Alec Kassin : - Policy, Politics, and Sport in the U.S.

Alec, the Departmental Citation recipient for 2016, graduated with Highest Honors after a longer-than-expected college career, marked by a high of spending a year studying abroad in France, and a low of taking a year off from Berkeley due to a back injury. In the summer after his graduation, he plans to work as a camp counselor for an American-style summer camp in Japan, helping Japanese youth learn English by participating in American sports. In October, he will begin work in LinkedIn's Business Leadership Program, rotating through multiple sales units before taking on a full-time role in their Global Sales Organization. Though his long-term plans are unclear (they may consist of a return to academia to earn a Master's in Public Policy, a run for political office, or both), Alec’s ultimate goal is to have a career through which he can find fulfillment helping others. Right now, Alec is engrossed in learning about the causes, effects, and possible solutions to widening inequality in American society.