Profile of Graduates

Class of 2017

Rosemarie Alejandrino : - Popular Culture and the American Mediascape

After graduating with honors and a double major in English, Rosemarie went on to pursue a Master's degree in Specialized Journalism (The Arts) at the University of Southern California. She is a first-generation college student and, in turn, is the first in her family to pursue a post-graduate degree. She is also the Rotten Tomatoes Fellow in Digital Innovation and Film Criticism, working with the company to redefine the role of the critic in the modern era. Along with Charisse Celestial ('17), she is the co-founder of FLASH THRIVE zine collective, publishing art zines with work by local creatives.

Hunter Cobleigh : - Consumerism and American Popular Culture

One month after graduation, Hunter packed up and moved to Melbourne, Australia, on a yearlong work and holiday visa.  In addition to exploring the country, he is currently working in advertising for the Australian Traffic Network, where he is putting his area of concentration to work. Before returning to the U.S. either to continue a career in media or to pursue a graduate degree, Hunter plans to visit more of the South Pacific.

Miesha Garnett : - Race, Family, and Childhood

Miesha currently works for the Solano County Office of Education in the Special Education department. She is studying for both the CBEST and the Housing and Urban Development written exam. With the goal of a career that allows her to make a positive impact on the community in which she lives, Miesha also plans to pursue a Master's in Public Health Community Education.

Robert Gibbons : - Culture, Economy, and the American City

After graduation, Robert accepted a full-time position with Outward Bound USA, where he collaborated with ten of the most experienced Outward Bound educators to form a National Learning Lab tasked with re-evaluating Outward Bound's curriculum with the aim of adapting it to suit K-5th graders in a traditional educational setting. Robert led a trial run of such a program this summer at an elementary school in Omaha with great success and will be rolling out five programs to the Omaha Public School system in 2017-2018.  Robert is eager to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy.

Sally Littlefield : - Twentieth Century American Culture

Sally Littlefield currently works for the Public Education Campaigns and Programs team at Futures Without Violence, a San Francisco-based national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending violence against women and children. Sally thanks her American Studies background for giving her the ability to understand the very real role culture plays in shaping our society. This knowledge has proven invaluable in her work developing public awareness campaigns that aim to break cultural norms that disempower women.