American Studies

Dewi Zarni

Image of Dewi Zarni

Dewi currently works at the Prison Law Office, a nonprofit, public interest law firm, which fights to uphold the rights and humanity of incarcerated people in California prisons and jails through class action lawsuits and other impact litigation.

Claire Rider

Image of Claire Rider

Claire is currently the Head of Strategy and Operations for The Farmlink Project, a food justice nonprofit. She was a double major in American Studies and Anthropology and she received the Kroeber Prize in the Anthropology Department for her honors thesis.

Harley Rader

Image of Harley Rader

After graduating with honors, Harley moved to Los Angeles where she currently serves California’s 37th Congressional District as a caseworker in the office of Sydney Kamlager-Dove. Often pulling from all three of her study areas (American Studies, Society and Environment, and Public Policy), she finds herself in an impactful position to apply the knowledge she gained from her time at Berkeley both through educating stakeholders and uplifting the voices of those underserved.

Tevel Pele

Image of Tevel Pele

After graduating from UC Berkeley in the Spring of 2022, Tevel moved back to Los Angeles to pursue economic justice and equity work at a non-profit. She hopes to continue that work through librarianship and start her Master’s of Library and Information Science in the Fall of 2024.