American Studies

Alexander Lee-Thomas - Race and Representation

After graduation, Alexander returned to southern California to spend time with family and pursue internships. In the Fall of 2015, he will enter the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. With an MFA, Alexander will work in television and film to increase representation of people of color and “create a new wave in motion pictures.”

Area of Concentration Courses

African American Studies 139: Malcolm X
African American Studies 153: Toni Morrison
African American Studies 142AC: Race and American Film
American Studies H110: The Secret History of America
Film 104S: British Film
Music 102S: UK Music and Public Relations


Alexander Lee-Thomas : - Between the Lines: Where Intersectionality and "The Read" Meet (Class of 2015)

In his thesis Alexander Lee-Thomas applies Black feminist and quare theory to the popular podcast, The Read. Through close textual analysis of Kid Fury and Crissle’s responses to contemporary racial, political, economic, and cultural events, Alexander explores the unfixed nature of identity and its intersections with oppression.

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