Lower Division

Students under 60 units must complete American Studies 10 (with a C or better) before they can declare American Studies as their major. Students beyond 60 units must be enrolled in American Studies 10 and speak with a faculty advisor before being allowed to declare.

To declare, students are required to take four lower-division courses relevant to the major: American Studies 10 plus three other lower-division social sciences or humanities courses that focus on the United States. No more than two of these three may be from any one department.  With faculty approval, you may use courses from other institutions to satify these requirements.

Students must receive a ā€œCā€ in each of the four lower-division requirements.

American Studies 10 (or 10AC when offered) —  Introduction to American Studies

You must take American Studies 10 at UC Berkeley; you cannot use a course taken elsewhere to subsitute for this requirement.

Three Lower-Division Courses

The lower division prerequisites are meant to introduce the student to a variety of  scholarly approaches to the study of American culture and society. If you have questions about whether a particular course fulfills the prerequisites, please contact the American Studies major office or an American Studies faculty advisor.