American Studies


On Monday, April 19, the Fall 2021 class schedule will be available online at and American Studies Fall 2021 courses will be listed on the AS website,

Your Fall 2021 enrollment appointment dates will be available soon on the right hand side of your Cal Central My Academics page under “Fall 2021.”  You will also see that you have an American Studies major advising hold. This hold can only be released after you have met, remotely, with an American faculty advisor for enrollment advising. 

Faculty advising for Fall 2021 enrollment will be available to you beginning Tuesday, April 20.  All enrollment advising will take place remotely. It is imperative that you follow the instructions below, so that your courses are approved, your hold is released, and your electronic and paper files are updated accurately.

Please fill out this enrollment form, email it to one of the faculty advisors and schedule an advising appointment (using the links below) with the same advisor. You may select any one of the three faculty advisors to meet with, and you only need to meet with one faculty advisor. 

Prof. Palmer (

Prof. Gold McBride (

Prof. Cohen (

Each faculty advisor has increased hours for enrollment advising, and appointments can be scheduled as noted on their AS website profiles at these links:

Prof. Palmer

Prof. Gold McBride

Prof. Cohen