The Global United States

This area of concentration explores the role of the United States outside of its national borders, focusing on both U.S. foreign policy and the flow of American peoples, ideas, and goods throughout the world.


Asian American Studies 130 - Asian Americans and Foreign Policy

Environmental Economics and Policy 131 - Globalization and the Natural Environment

History 128 - Liberal Superpower: Reform and Political Economy in Postwar U.S. History

Peace and Conflict Studies 149 - Global Change and World Order

Political Science 126A - International Political Economy

Political Science 138G - National Success and Failure in the Age of a Global Economy

Alternate Courses:

Business Administration 178 - Introduction to International Business

Chicano Studies 165 - Cuba, the United States and Cuban Americans

Ethnic Studies C173 - Cultures of U.S. Imperialism: Spanish-American War of 1898

Military Officers Education Program 145 - National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society

Peace and Conflict Studies 119 - Topics in Peace and Conflict Issues

Peace and Conflict Studies 127 - Human Rights and Global Politics

Political Science 124A - War!

Political Science 127A - International Law

PEIS 150 - Advanced Study in Political Economy of Industrial Society