Race, Ethnicity, and Nation

Focusing on the history of encounters between the various peoples who comprise the American nation, this area of concentration exploresthe migrations, settlements, contacts, contests, and exchanges that have shaped the cultural, political, social, and economic construction of the United States.


African American Studies 116 - Slavery and American Life Before 1865

Anthropology 122B - Culture Contact in North America

Demography 145AC - The American Immigrant Experience

Geography 159AC - The Southern Border

Linguistics 155AC - Native American Meets the Europeans

Political Science 118AC - Three American Cultures

Alternate Courses:

African American Studies 109 - Black and Male in American Life

African American Studies 111 - Race, Class, and Gender in the United States

African American Studies 117 - African Americans in the Industrial Age, 1865-1970

Anthropology 124AC - Hawaiian Ethnohistory

Asian American Studies 121 - Chinese American History

Asian American Studies 122 - Japanese American History

Asian American Studies 123 - Korean American History

Asian American Studies 124 - Filipino American History

Chicano Studies 150A - History of the Southwest: Spanish and Mexican Period

Chicano Studies 150B - History of the Southwest: Mexican-United States War to Present

Chicano Studies 159 - Mexican Immigration

Ethnic Studies 135AC - Contemporary U.S. Immigration

Ethnic Studies 136 - Immigrant Women

Ethnic Studies 147 - Women of Color in the United States

Ethnic Studies 150AC - People of Mixed Racial Descent

History 122AC - Antebellum America: The Advent of Mass Society

History 123 - Civil War and Reconstruction

History 126B - The West in United States History

History 125 - History of African Americans and Race Relations in the United States

History 137AC - The Repeopling of America

Native American Studies 175 - History of Native Americans in California

Rhetoric 152AC - Race and Order in the New Republic