Politics and American Communities

This area of concentration examines the interplay between social groups and power, inequality and social justice in the United States.


African American Studies 121 - Black Political Life in the United States

Anthropology 139 - Controlling Processes

Peace and Conflict Studies 128AC - Human Rights and American Cultures

Philosophy 113AC - Philosophical Perspectives on Race and Culture

Political Science 111AC - The Politics of Displacement

Political Science 138F - Immigrants, Citizenship, and the State

Alternate Courses:

African American Studies 124 - Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

African American Studies 125 - History of the Civil Rights Movement

African American Studies 138 - Black Nationalism

Asian American Studies 125 - Contemporary Issues of Southeast Asian Refugees in the U.S.

Asian American Studies 126 - Southeast Asian Migration & Community Formation

Asian American Studies 141 - Law in the Asian American Community

Chicano Studies 110 - Latina/o Philosophy and Religious Thought

Legal Studies 160 - Punishment, Culture, and Society

Native American Studies 100 - Native American Law

Native American Studies 101 - Native American Tribal Governments

Peace and Conflict Studies 154AC - Multicultural Conflict Resolution

Political Science 176 - The Unseen America

UGIS 116 - Disability, Identity, and Social Movements