Nature in America

Nature in America explores the historical, social, ideological, scientific, economic, and geographic dimensions of the natural environment in the United States. The student choosing this area of concentration studies the interaction of natural systems and social contexts over time.


Anthropology 148 - Anthropology of the Environment

Art History C189 - The American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation

Art History 185A - American Art (1800-present)

English 130B - American Literature: 1800-1865

ESPM 161 - Environmental Philosophy and Ethic

History 120AC - American Environmental and Cultural History

Alternate Courses:

Anthropology 129D - The Archaeology of Global Change

Environmental Economics and Policy C102 - Natural Resource Economics

Environmental Economics and Policy 131 - Globalization and the Natural Environment

Environmental Economics and Policy 162 - Economics of Water Resources

Environmental Economics and Policy C180 - Ecological Economics in Historical Context

ESPM 102C - Resource Management

ESPM 102D - Resource and Environmental Policy

ESPM 116B - Range Ecology, Improvements, and Management

ESPM 117 - Urban Garden Ecosystems

ESPM 160AC - American Environmental and Cultural History

Geography 134 - Natural Hazards and Problems

History 126B - The American West

History 127AC - California

Landscape Architecture 110 - Ecological Analysis