Labor and Working People

This area of concentration explores the nature, meaning, organization, and function of labor in the United States. Exploring the socialization and representation of workers, alongside employment relations and organized labor, students can investigate labor as market, labor as process, and labor as people.


Gender and Women Studies 139 - Women and Work

Education 162A - Teachers' Work

Sociology 116 - Sociology of Work

African American Studies 116 - Slavery and African American Life Before 1865

History 100 - History of American Capitalism: Business, Work, Economy

L&S C150T - Working People in the Global Economy

Alternate Courses:

Social Welfare 110 - Social Work as a Profession

Anthropology 172AC - Ethnographic Perspectives on American Capitalism

Film and Media 108 - Use this course when the topic is Mad Men

Economics 152 - Wage Theory & Policy (Prerequisites: Econ 100 or 101A)

Economics 151 - Labor Economics (Prerequisites: Econ 100 or 101A or consent)

Public Policy C103 - Wealth and Poverty