Healthcare in American Culture Since 1945

This area of concentration explores American attitudes about healthcare and the development of institutions for healthcare. N.B. For entry into some of these courses, the student may need to take preparatory lower-division coursework.


Anthropology 115 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology

Chicano Studies 176 - Chicanos and Health Care

Economics 157 - Health Economics

Public Health 113 - Campus/Community Health Impact Program

Public Health 131AC - Race, Ethnicity, and Health in America

Sociology 155 - Sociology of Illness and Medicine

Alternate Courses:

Anthropology 114 - History of Anthropological Thought

Nutritional Science 166 - Nutrition in the Community

Public Health 103 - Drugs, Healthy, and Society

Sociology 110 - Organizations and Institutions

Sociology 150 - Social Psychology