STEM, Communication, and Society

The STEM, Communication, and Society Concentration assumes interest in the cultural meaning of computer design and the social construction of American engineering education: an investigation of the ways in which computer design is formed and changed in a social context. Students in this concentration may examine the social and ethical implications of computer technology; trace the development, application, and consequences of information technology as social and technical processes; and study how messages about science and technology are products of both individual effort and collective enterprise. N.B. For advanced technical courses (*), the student would need rigorous preparation in mathematics, physics, and computer science. For instance, a student might be an undergraduate engineering student who transferred to American Studies in the junior year. In some cases, non-engineering students might negotiate permission to take such courses (*) on a P/NP basis.


African American Studies 134 - Information Technology and Society

Computer Science 152* - Computer Architecture and Engineering

Computer Science 160* - User Interface Design and Development

Computer Science C182* - Designing, Visualizing, and Understanding Deep Neural Networks

Computer Science 195 - Social Implications of Computer Science

Computer Science 194 - EECS for All: Social Justice in EECS

Data Science 104 - Human Contexts and Ethics of Data

Engineering 185 - The Art of STEM Communication

History 103D - The History of the Computer in Society

History 182A - Science, Technology, and Society

Interdisciplinary Studies 100D - Introduction to Technology, Society, and Culture

Sociology 166 - Society and Technology