Computer Science and the American Public

The sequence below assumes interest in the cultural meaning of computer design and the social construction of American engineering education: an investigation of the ways in which computer design is formed and changed in a social context. N.B. For advanced technical courses, the student would need rigorous preparation in mathematics, physics, and computer science. For instance, the student might be an undergraduate engineering student who transferred to American Studies in his or her junior year. In some cases, non-engineering students might negotiate permission to take such courses (*) on a P/NP basis.


American Studies 102 - When topic is Digital Neighborhoods

American Studies C134 - Information Technology and Society

EECS 195 - Social Implications of Computer Technology

Interdepartmental Studies 100AC - Technology and the American Experience

Interdisciplinary Studies 100D - Introduction to Technology, Society, and Culture

Political Science 138D - Governance of the E-conomy

Alternate Courses:

EECS 150* - Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems

EECS 152* - Computer Architecture and Engineering

EECS C182 - The Neural Basis of Thought and Language