Art, Architecture, Design, and Landscape in America

Looking at buildings, artworks, objects of all kinds for social content and cultural meaning, this concentration draws on the resources of many departments. Focusing on physical objects designed and made by artisans, artists, professional designers, vernacular builders, housewives and others, students concentrate on analyzing the historical, rhetorical, and cultural as well as functional aspects of the human-made material world. Taking foundational/lower division courses as required in several of the listed disciplines, students will design their major drawing on these and other (approved) offerings.


Anthropology 121A/AC - American Material Culture

Architecture 174C - San Francisco Architecture

Art History 185A - American Art (1800-present)

Art History C189 - The American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation

Geography 125 - The American City

Landscape Architecture 170 - History and Literature of Landscape Architecture

Alternate Courses:

American Studies C111A - Architecture in Depression and War

American Studies 110 - When topic is Advertising in America

Anthropology 122A - Archaeology of North America

Anthropology 148 - Anthropology of the Environment

Architecture 118 - Housing American Cultures

Art History 185B - American Architecture: Domestic Forms

City Planning 111 - Introduction to Housing

City Planning 140 - Urban Design: City-Building and Place-Making

Environmental Design C169A - American Cultural Landscapes, 1600 to 1900

Environmental Design C169B - American Cultural Landscapes, 1900 to Present

Geography 181 - Urban Field Study

History 120AC - American Environmental and Cultural History

Landscape Architecture 141AC - American Landscape: Multicultural Difference & Diversity

Landscape Architecture C171 - The American Designed Landscape since 1850