American Foodways

The American Foodways Concentration examines both historic and contemporary social, economic, cultural, and psychological factors that shape food consumption practices. Exploring food systems from production through consumption, students in this Concentration will trace agricultural concerns, examine environmental, ethical, and economic factors in food production and distribution, and investigate the various beliefs, rituals, and behaviors surrounding food in the United States.


Anthropology 140 - The Anthropology of Food

Environmental Economics and Policy 141 - Agricultural and Environmental Policy

Environmental Economics and Policy 153 - Population, Environment, and Development

ESPM C159 - Human Diet

Geography 130 - Food and the Environment

History 103D - Foodways: An Edible History of Modern Capitalism

Nutritional Science 104 - Food, Culture, and the Environment

Nutritional Science 135 - Food Systems Organization and Management

Nutritional Science 108A - Introduction and Application of Food Science

Nutritional Science 166 - Nutrition in the Community

Public Health 101 - A Sustainable World: Challenges and Opportunities

Sociology 190 - Food, Health, and Inequality