American Folklore and Folklife

"American Folklore and Folklife" allows the student interested in the study of folklore and folklife to examine and analyze traditional expressive culture (e.g., ethnic, regional, occupational, gender, and other traditional identities) in all its forms. Examining the historical, cultural, social, and psychological dimensions of such expressive forms as myth, legend, folktale, music, dance, art, belief, foodways, ritual and ceremony, the student investigates how tradition expresses the dynamics of human behavior.


Anthropology 121AC - American Material Culture

Anthropology 163AC - American Folklore

Native American Studies 120 - Topics in Native American Arts

Nutritional Science 104 - Human Food Practices

Religious Studies 171AC - Religious Pluralism in America

Theater, Dance and Performance Studies 121 - Performance and Culture

Alternate Courses:

American Studies 110 - When topic is Folklore and American Culture

Anthropology 122A/B/F/G - Archaeology of the Americas

Anthropology 136B - Museum Methods

Anthropology 160AC - Forms of Folklore

Anthropology 162AC - The Folktale in the Modern World: The Marvelous and the Monstrous

English 133T - When topic is Orality and Black Literature

English 166AC - When topic is Race and Revision in Early America

Linguistics 151 - Language and Gender

Native American Studies 149 - Gender in Native American Society

Psychology 106 - Psychology of Dreams

Rhetoric 132 - Rhetoric, Culture and Society

Sociology C112/Religious Studies C182 - Sociology of Religion