American Studies

American Studies Spring Conference, May 4, 2023 – Women’s Faculty Club


Thursday, May 4, 2018

Women’s Faculty Club

Lucy Ward Stebbins Lounge, UC Berkeley


10:00 AM  Coffee and Informal Welcome

10:40 Brandi Summers (Geography) / “Black City Futures”

11:20 Mark Brilliant (History) / “Gilded State: California and the Origins of America’s New Gilded Age, 1966-1983” (Excerpt)

Noon-2:00 Break

2:00 PM Mary Ryan (History) / “Searching for Democracy along the Pacific Shore of North America between 1775 and 1848”

2:40 Alexander Craghead (American Studies) / “Railroads, Power, and Technological Stories in California”

3:20 Michael Cohen (American Studies) / “In America There Are No Conspiracies: From Conspiracy to Theory in American Intellectual History”

4:00 Adjourn