American Studies

American Studies Senior Thesis Showcase: Wednesday May 3, 2023, 10 am – 3 pm 3335 Dwinelle

The American Studies Senior Thesis Showcase is a celebration of the fantastic research and writing conducted by UC Berkeley’s American Studies majors this year! The Showcase will feature short presentations from thirteen senior thesis students, as well as an afternoon Q&A roundtable with presenters.

Join us to see a range of what’s possible in a thesis, learn more about the process, get advice, and most of all congratulate our American Studies majors and minors. Whether you are a major, a minor, an alumnus, or are just curious about the senior thesis process, come learn and celebrate!

RSVP using this online form (deadline to RSVP is Friday April 28)


10:00, Doors open

10:10, Welcome and Opening Remarks, American Studies faculty

10:30, First Session:

  • Jacqueline Cox / Disrobe the Politician: How Shelby County v. Holder Disrupted the Relationship between the Supreme Court and Public Opinion
  • Cori Schumacher / Unacknowledged and Targeted: Violence in American Politics
    Ari Elorreaga / Disruptive Fintech
  • Myron Benn / Microentrepreneurship: A Free-Market Approach to Community Development
  • Cassandra Branch / Silver Screen Sex Work: The Spectacular Mythology of Prostitution in the Cinema of 1960s America
  • Ava Guihama Olson / An American Happy Ending: Sex, Sickness, and Sin During the COVID-19 Pandemic


11:30, Break

11:40, Second Session:

  • Tyson Ross / Baseball’s Black Decline
  • Vanessa Luna / Stamp Collecting in America
  • Salvador Uribe / A Plywood Story: Re-imagining plywood, Documenting Oral History and Resistance in Oakland, California in the Early 21st Century
  • Sophie Shapiro Haugen / Neoliberal Aestheticization in Urban Public Space: A Study of the San Francisco Civic Center
  • Mayzie Angel / Queering Fat Representation: An Examination of Queer, Fat Femininity Onscreen
  • Misty Carlisle / The Ethos of a King: Elvis Presley’s Political Activism Through Performance
  • Emma Gerson / Click Here to Find God: American Intimacy, Incels,
    and Internet Individualism


12:50, Break

1:00, Lunch, Ishi Court (provided for all who RSVP)

2:00, Q&A Roundtable with Presenters

2:45, Closing Remarks, American Studies faculty