American Studies

American Studies Majors Win Haas and SURF Scholarships

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We are pleased to announce that…..

Cassandra Branch is a new Haas Scholar. Her research project is “Silver Screen Sex Work: The Spectacular Mythology of ‘Prostitution’ in 1960s American Cinema.”

Diana Choi is the Adam Z. Rice SURF recipient.

Also, the following students will receive SURF support this summer for their research projects:

Scott Underwood: “Black Roots of Bluegrass”

Maddy Keo: “Dialogues of Courage: Personal Narratives and Problem-Posing Education”

Marisela Tanori: “Halfway There: Housing and Reintegration of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals”

Cat Stoehr: “The Dancer as Worker: Histories of Labor in Modern American Ballet”