Michael Cohen - Associate Teaching Professor - American Studies and African American Studies

No Summer 2018 advising hours

Michael Mark Cohen is Associate Teaching Professor of American Studies and African American Studies. He earned his Ph.D. in American Studies from Yale University in 2004. His writings have appeared in Social Text, International Review of Social History, Radical History Review and 

Kathleen Moran - Associate Director - American Studies


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Kathleen Moran is Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of the American Studies Program, an interdisciplinary major which draws on courses and faculty from over 20 departments in Letters and Sciences and in the Professional Schools and Colleges at UCB.  Among other topics, she has taught American Studies courses on the 1980’s, 1939, advertising, theme parks, Los Angeles, and Food in American Culture.  She also teaches various versions of “Discovery” Courses for the College of Letters and Sciences—most recently on “Hollywood” the place, the industry and the fantasy.

Moran did her undergraduate work in Philosophy and Political Science and received her Ph.D. in Political Theory from UC Berkeley.  She served as the Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies from 1985 to 1995, and was one of the founders and first Directors of American Studies at UC Berkeley.

Moran has been involved in numerous efforts to improve undergraduate teaching, and in l994 she received Berkeley's Distinguished Teaching Award, considered the highest honor the faculty can bestow on one of its members. 

Moran has written about 19th and 20th century American political thought, and her research during the last decade has been focused on consumerism and American popular culture. 

Christine Palmer - Lecturer - American Studies

No Summer 2018 advising hours

Christine Palmer holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley.  She also completed a Master’s in Anthropology at UC Berkeley and a B.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures at Princeton University.  Her research focuses on the interplay between race, visual culture, literature, and cultural memory in twentieth century popular and mass culture.  Recent course offerings include: America, Song by Song; America at Play; The Teen Age; At Home in America; Rebels and Revolutionaries; American Folklore; Frontiers in American History and Culture; The Road in American Culture; The Atomic Age; Research and Writing in American Studies; and The Harlem Renaissance.