Profile of Graduates

Class of 2014

Patty Chen : - Race, Ethnicity, and Nation

Patty spent the summer after graduation studying for the LSAT and working.  She assisted a lawyer doing every day tasks, such as preparing documents to file in court and maintaining an organized electronic and physical copy of all documents to ensure accurate filing of all documents that relate to the cases the firm worked on.  She is currently a 2L at UCLA School of Law.

Sophia Ng : - Twentieth Century American Culture

After graduating, Sophia Ng worked at Kickstarter in New York City as an Integrity Analyst.  She also served as a Board Member for the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum*New York City (NAPAWF*NYC) chapter, where she volunteered her time working on reproductive justice, immigrant rights, and worker advocacy issues.  Sophia is currently a Fulbright Teaching Assistant, teaching English at a secondary school in Gopeng, Perak in Malaysia.

Mykiyaa Walker-Sanchez : - Race, Healthcare, and Urban Communities

After graduating in May 2014, Mykiyaa Walker-Sanchez returned home to her first love, Los Angeles, where she spent the summer volunteering at Residential Care Facilities in urban communities and working with adults with developmental disabilities.   With future professional plans to promote positive well being through good health practices in disadvantaged communities of color and to dismantle some of the socioeconomic barriers that disproportionately affect communities of color, Mykiyaa will pursue a career in medicine as an internal medicine physician. She is currently completing a pre-medicine post-baccalaureate program.

Class of 2013

Theresa Berger : - Twentieth Century American Cultural History

Since October 2013, Theresa has been working as a substitute teacher for a high school Advanced Placement English Literature class, where she loves using her American Studies background to draw on history, movies, and culture as ways to engage students and show them that what they are reading is more than just a series of words on a page.  She has also been a section leader and course assistant for a number of American Studies courses, including: AS 188D: San Francisco Detectives and AS 188K: American Horrors: Monsters in US Cinema and Literature (Summer 2013); AS 111/ English C136: The Great Exhaling (Spring 2014); AS 101: World War II (Fall 2014); and AS 101: World War II and AS C111/ English C136: The Gilded Age (Fall 2015).  In August 2016 Theresa will begin the Master's in History program at San Francisco State University, and on completion will apply to Ph.D. programs.

Patricia Boone : - Race, Law, and Juvenile Delinquency

Shortly after graduation in May 2013, Patricia packed her car and drove solo heading East with an eagerness to take what she learned at UC Berkeley and explore an expanding world.  Her road trip took a total of ten days, during which Patricia camped under the stars in Utah, danced in cowboy saloons in Wyoming, and witnessed electric skies over Nebraska.  In 2016 Patricia graduated from Northwestern School of Law, and and co-founded CompassBlu, LLC, a synergistic and diverse consulting firm that connects people to their purpose, producing results that inspire global change.