Kelly Naze

Thesis - “Amusing Some of the Million at Musée Mécanique: The Unpromising Fate of Penny-Arcade Museums in the 21st Century”

Exploring how Musée Mécanique, a penny-arcade museum in San Francisco, embodies aspects of Coney Island at the turn of the 20th century, Kelly Naze’s senior honors thesis unpacks the cultural fascination with machines, the mystery of objects that re-imagine turn-of-the-century pleasure parks, and the deleterious effects of contemporary consumerism on such mechanical memories.

Area of Concentration - American Consumer Society

American Studies 101: The Birth of Consumerism

American Studies H110: Rebels and Revolutionaries

Demography C126: Social Consequences of Population Dynamics

Information C167: Virtual Communities/Social Media

Sociology 160: Sociology of Culture

Sociology 166: Society & Technology

Kelly Naze

After graduating with honors and ending a lifelong swimming career, Kelly returned home to Denver, Colorado, where she will put her competitive spirit and passion for planning to work as she starts her own business as a wedding planner.