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Fall 2018

Special Courses of Interest

American Studies C 152 Native American Literature
  • MW 12-2
  • B. Piatote
  • 223 Dwinelle
  • 4 Units
  • Class Number: 15231
Cross-listed with Native American Studies C152

An analysis of the written and oral tradition developed by Native Americans. Emphasis will be placed on a multifaceted approach (aesthetic, linguistic, psychological, historical, and cultural) in examining American Indian literature.

History 100 D Calculating Americans
  • TTh 11-12:30
  • C. Rosenthal
  • 170 Barrows
  • 4 Units
  • Class Number: 31137
Section 101 – W 8-9, 251 Dwinelle
Section 102 – W 9-10, 106 Wheeler

The data we collect both reflects our values and shapes them, constraining and defining the questions we ask about our society. This course will use a series of case studies from the history of American data to examine a wide array of political, economic, and cultural issues. We will explore the ways that categories, units of analysis, and practices of instruction and collection both reflect and reshape assumptions about race, gender, labor, and household structure. We will also experiment with the many ways we can use quantitative documents to learn about the past—both through close reading and through aggregation and statistical analysis. Case studies will be drawn from the colonial period to the present.

History 125 B African-American History, 1861-1980
  • TTh 2-3:30
  • W. Martin
  • 170 Barrows
  • 4 Units
  • Class Number: 31142
Section 101 – W 8-9, 254 Dwinelle
Section 102 - W 9-10, 2030 Valley Life Sciences

This course will examine the history of African Americans and ethno-racial relations from the Civil War and Emancipation (1861-1865) to the modern African American Freedom Struggle (1954-1972). Social, cultural, economic, and political developments will be emphasized. Topics to be covered include: Black Reconstruction; black life and labor in the New South; leadership; class; gender; Jim Crow