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Fall 2018

Senior Thesis Seminars

American Studies 191 Senior Thesis Seminar
  • Th 2-4
  • C. Palmer
  • 115 Kroeber
  • 4
  • Class Number: 15233
American Studies 191 Senior Thesis Seminar
  • M 4-6
  • TBA
  • 262 Dwinelle
  • 4
  • Class Number: 15234
American Studies H 195 Senior Honors Thesis Seminar
  • W 2-4
  • M . Cohen
  • 115 Kroeber
  • 4 Units
  • Class Number: See Faculty Advisor

***NOTE: In order to receive honors in American Studies, a student must have an overall GPA of 3.51, and a GPA of 3.65 for all courses taken in completion of the major (upper and lower division).   Students should discuss with their major faculty adviser the preparation of a bibliography and a brief description of their proposed honors thesis and their eligibility to enroll in honors, based on GPA, the semester before they plan to enroll in H195.  They also must secure a faculty adviser from an appropriate field who will agree to direct the honors thesis (the "honors thesis adviser").  THE FACULTY ADVISER’S AGREEMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED TO COURSE INSTRUCTOR NO LATER THAN THE 2ND WEEK OF CLASSES.