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Fall 2018

Place Courses

American Studies 102 The City of Angels
  • TTh 3:30-5
  • K. Moran
  • 2 LeConte
  • 4 Units
  • Class Number: 32310

In this course we will examine "Los Angeles" from a number of disciplinary perspectives.  We will consider Los Angeles as a geographical/social space, focusing on such issues as landscape, water, and traffic. We will also discuss Los Angeles as political and cultural space defined by various race, ethnic and class relationships, and we will  consider some comparative studies of the politics of missionization and of LA riots/uprisings.  We will read some examples of popular LA literature and consider arguments about Los Angeles as "postmodern."  We will also attempt to "map" LA as a fantasy space by discussing several Hollywood films.  We will end the course with a "tour" of LA's "exopolis"-- Disneyland and Orange County.

American Studies 102 Hands on the Vines: The California Wine Industry
  • TuTh 2-3:30
  • A. Saragoza
  • 12 Haviland
  • 4 Units
  • Class Number: 25771

This course examines the California wine industry and the people involved in its production, emphasizing those who do the actual labor, from grape pickers and cellar masters to the vineyard managers and winemakers. The course emphasizes the period since the famous wine tasting competition between California and French wines in 1976, which marks the onset of the “boom” in wine consumption in the U.S. The course takes into account social and cultural trends that impact on the wine industry as well as other key attendant issues: immigrant labor, foreign competition, styles of wine making, and the multiplier effects of the industry, e.g., wine tourism. The course features field trips and guest lectures by farm workers, vineyard managers, wine makers, and winery owners.

American Studies C 171 The American Designed Landscape since 1850
  • TTh 2-330
  • Lecturer -- TBA
  • 191 Wurster
  • 3 Units
  • Class Number: 20498
Cross-listed with Landscape Architecture C171

This course surveys the history of American landscape architecture since 1850 including the rise of the public parks movement, the development of park systems, the establishment of the national parks, the landscape of the Progressive Era, suburbs, and the modernist landscape.  The survey encompasses urban open spaces, conservation landscapes, urban design, environmental planning, and gardens.  It reviews the cultural and social contexts which have shaped and informed landscape architecture in the United States since the advent of the public parks movement, as well as the aesthetic precepts, environmental concerns, horticultural practices, and technological innovations of American landscapes.